Partners’ Testimonials

Pharmaceutic IG & Chinese Ensemble IG
Republic Polytechnic Year 2018

“Thank you for the opportunity given to the Republic Polytechnic Pharmaceutica IG & Chinese Ensemble IG to visit SWAMI Home and interact with the residents and nurses here. The students (and the IG advisors) have learned more about geriatric care and dementia care in these several visits, through planning and interaction with the people here. We hope we’ll have the chance to serve the residents again!”

Gayathiri Chandran

“On behalf of my team, would like to thank the PR Team for the assistance in the execution of last Saturday’s event. Special thanks to Derrick and you for having coordinated and addressed our queries up till event day. Hope the residents enjoyed their time with us as much as we did with them. Looking forward to working on future events with your team as well. Thank you!”

Sai Society

“Thank you for all your arrangements. There is a good turnout of residents & our students enjoyed conducting the games for them. Most residents also participated enthusiastically. Thank you once again for all your help in seeing us through this.”