Be Our Partner

As a responsible business and individual looking to create a sustainable future and a viable environment, you are one of the key custodians. Together, we can make a positive impact in SWAMI Home that the staffs work, residents live and improve their lives in.

  • SWAMI Home works closely with you to identify suitable partnership projects that match your organization's Corporate Social Responsibility principles and ideals, or are in line with your donation requests
  • You can play a part to realize SWAMI Home’s vision by supporting projects in our voluntary programmes
  • Opportunities abound in areas of value-added developments, outreach and education
  • 100% of your donation to SWAMI Home will go into the supported programmes. Your donation is not used to cover operating cost and will qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction
  • In addition to relevant sponsors' acknowledgement benefits, there are also volunteer opportunities for some of the projects
  • Support our projects and be our volunteers now

Huang Simin
Public Relations Executive


Serena Tan
Senior PR Executive

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