SWAMI Home covers only a portion of its operating cost through various revenue sources. We need the support of individuals, foundations and corporations, so that we can cultivate and better the lives of residents for all, enjoy and cherish.

Sponsoring a physical feature in our Home is the most direct and prominent way of showing your support. Your brand will be positively associated with your chosen feature’s unique concept or key message. Alternatively, you can choose to adopt a specific tree, plant or artwork that resonates with you, or make a general donation towards the upkeep and enhancement of our Nursing Home.

SWAMI Home will not be complete without programmes and activities that bring it to life. Education programmes for school children, families or the public, as well as community activities and public performances, are also meaningful sponsorship platforms.

As a sponsor, you will receive a variety of valuable acknowledgement benefits including brand or name presence, media publicity, networking opportunities and tax deduction. SWAMI Home is grateful to our many sponsors and partners who have generously supported us and identified themselves with our image, mission and values. If you would like to be one of them, kindly contact us to find out more.

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holding hands
holding hands

Huang Simin
Public Relations Executive
Tel: 6510 3338
Email: simin@swami.org.sg

Serena Tan,
Senior PR Executive
Tel       : 6510 3336
Email   : serena@swami.org.sg